How to use

Blood Glucese Testing

  1. Before the testing, please clean hands with soap and water and then dry well.
  2. You can also use an Alcoholic cotton cloth to clean finger. Please wait until the alcohol disappears completely.
  3. Insert a test strip completely to the meter's strip slot until meter beeps.
  4. The meter identifies the code number automatically. Compare the code number displayed on the LCD with the code number shown on the test strip vial.
  5. When the blood symbol appears, the meter is ready for you to apply blood to the test strip.
  6. Prepare the lancig device with Lancet.
  7. Use lancing device to obtain a blood drop.
  8. Gently squeeze your finger to assist the flow of blood.
  9. Touch the blood drop to the front edge of the test strip sample channel. The blood is drawn into the test strip automatically.
  10. Meter will beep and count down from 6 seconds (*some models are 5 seconds)
  11. The test result appears.
  12. Discard the used test strip


ASUREQUAN Analyzer-HbA1c Testing

  1. Gently shake the Test Cartridge up and down 3 to4 times before collecting sample.
  2. Pull up the sample device (capillary tube tip) straight up to remove the sample device from the Cartridge body.
  3. Collect the blood sample device. (1) Capillary blood, (2) Venous blood.
  4. Re-locate the sample device to cartridge chamber body after the blood sample collected.
  5. Press the lid open button of Analyzer
  6. Place the Test Cartridge into the cartridge chamber of Analyzer properly.
  7. Press to close the lid of Analyzer
  8. Touch "Start" buttton on the screen of Analyzer, and the test starts automatically. (*Do not open the lid during the analysis running)
    The progress bar is displayed on the screen till the test completes.
  9. The result will be displayed on the screen of Aanlyzer after the analysis is comleted.
    Touch "" print button to print the result.
    If patient ID is enabled, touch "Patient ID" on the screen to type the patient ID.



  1. Remove the sealing film from the extraction tube with buffer.
    Insert a sterile swab into the nostril of the patient, swab over the surface of the posterior nasopharynx.
    Withdraw the sterile swab from the nasal cavity.
  2. Insert the swab into an extraction tube. While squeezing the buffer tube, stir the swab strongly more than 10 times.
    Remove the swab shilde squeezing the sides of the tube to extract the liquid from the swab.
  3. Screw the filter cap tightly onto the tube.
  4. Apply 3 drops of extracted specimen to the specimen well of the test device. Then, Read the test result at 20 minutes.

Interpretation of Results