Diabetes is a series of metabolic disease in which main character is high blood glucose value. High glucose is usually caused by lack of insulin secretion or when its biological action is damaged, or both of them. The high blood glucose of diabetes usually causes some parts of the body to be slowly damaged or malfunction, especially for eyes, kidney, heart, blood tubes, and nerve system.

1. Genetic factor
Type 1 and type 2 diabetes both have genetic heterogeneities. Diabetes has tendency to develop in family inheritance, and research shows around 1/4 to 1/2 patients have family diabetes history. There are more than 60 clinical genetic syndromes which may accompany with diabetes. More DNA locus happens to type 1 diabetes, and amongst them, the polymorphism of DQ locus in HLA is closer. There are more gene mutations found in type 2 diabetes which can be found in such as insulin gene, insulin receptor gene, glucokinase gene, chondriogene, and so on.

2. Environment factor
Overeating, and lack of physical activities are two main environmental factors which cause type 2 diabetes, which can easily attack type 2 diabetes genetically affected body. Patients with type 1 diabetes have abnormalities in their immune systems, such as being infected by coxsackievirus, rubella virus, parotid gland; resulting their immune systems and insulin beta cells destroyed.

1. Polydipsia, dieresis, polyphagia and emaciation.
Severely high blood glucose has typical symptoms of Polydipsia. Polyphagia and emaciation which mainly happen in type 1 diabetes. Especially when ketosis and ketoacidosis occur, the symptom of Polydipsia. Polyphagia and emaciation are to occur more obviously.

2. Lassitude, obesity.
Lassitude and obesity are more likely to happen in type 2 diabetes. Obesity usually exists in type 2 diabetes patients. If it's not diagnosed in right time, weight of patients will gradually decline.

Each one of the following four conditions may be considered as diabetes.

1. glycosylated hemoglobin value is more than 6.5%.
2. After 8 hours without eating anything, the fasting blood-glucose is more than 7mmol/L.
3. When diuresis, polyphagia, polydipsia, and loss of weight appear, blood glucose value is more than 11.1mmol/L at any time.
4. After two hours of testing by glucose 75g of oral glucose tolerance test, the result is more than 11.1mmol/L.

There are no ways to cure diabetes right now, but it can be well controlled through many cure methods. It mainly includes 5 ways: self-education, self-monitoring, diet cure, sports therapy and medicine cure.

Diabetic complication is a common chronic complication, and it is caused by diabetes lesion which brings worse results. Foot illness (deep-rooted ulcer, amputation), kidney illness (kidney failure, uremia), eye illness (sight slur, go blind), encephalopathy (lesion in blood vessel of brain), heart disease, skin disease, sexual disease. They are all common complications of diabetes, and the main factor can lead patients even to death.

Type 2 diabetes patients can delay or prevent diabetes attack by reducing 5%-7% of their weight in means of improving the living habit. Although it is not a 100% method to prevent diabetes, it is the most reliable and non- side-effect method.

The most important thing to manage blood glucose is to continuously (regular) check self-blood glucose value and know its changes. Sort of food, amount of exercise and methods, pressure, medicine may affect the blood glucose value changes. Patients should regularly and continuously check their blood glucose, and be aware of the changes in blood glucose when they ate something, did exercises and should check how long they had exercised and how much medicines they took. Then they can find the most suitable food and exercise amount and method.

Normally testing four times per day is a maximum.
30 minutes after getting up in the morning (compare with last night). 2 hours after meal (improve diet habit). Before lunch (knowing insulin effect), before sleep (prevent of low blood glucose).

It is useless to compare results between different brands. You can compare the result of our meter with biochemical analyzer in hospital at same time. If the result difference is within 15%(EN ISO 15197:2013), which is an international standard for blood glucose meter, our meter will be considered as a qualified product.

Human blood glucose fluctuates in whole day. It could be different every time you test. You can compare the result of our meter with biochemical analyzer in hospital at same time. If the result difference is within 15%(EN ISO 15197:2013), which is an international standard for blood glucose meter, our meter will be considered as a qualified product.

If you are sensitive to pain or afraid of blood, the blood glucose value may reduce each test and even be disordered. Because human blood tube will shrink after being excited (externally excited, emotionally excited), and will change blood circulation of body. When applying blood sample in different place or depth, the amount of blood exudation is different. It also may combine with perspiration, mixed with skin interstitial fluid. So the concentration is changed, leading to unstable testing result.

Press “M” button, when the meter start. Insert a new strip. If the meter still doesn’t work, replace a new battery. If the meter constantly doesn't work, please contact to the Service Center.

Did you correctly follow the operation guide? If not, follow the operation guide correctly and test again. Otherwise, if the meter still shows nothing; please contact to the Service Center.

The strip is disposable, cannot be reused, so used strip doesn’t absorb blood sample. Replace to a new strip, and if it still doesn’t work, please contact to the Service Center. We will replace a new one if it has quality problem.

No, the result of a blood glucose meter only demonstrates the present value. We can only take the record of test results to the doctor. Only after the doctor checks the data and condition, you can adjust cure plan. Single person without medical knowledge cannot judge blood glucose, especially when the value is high. Maybe the result is affected by emotion, action, not by pathologic reaction. But if you increase medicine dosage, it may decrease your blood glucose value to a low level which is very dangerous. So the medicine dosage must be judged by a doctor.
* The blood glucose meter produced by Tianjin Empecs medical device co., ltd, complies with national quality management system requirements. You will get true result if you follow correct test procedure. Thank you for using our products.